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LEMAR was founded in 1962 as a supplier of mechanical components, machining and gears.

The experience of lots of years for  many different activity sectors has given us the “know how” for  propousing a new philosophy in the subcontacting areas.

New markets and specific new necessities in the industrial areas, have made us put strong impact on service and competitivity as a concept of “integral service”.

LEMAR as a matter of the integral service provide to its clients a complete cooperation in engineering and improvement in machining procedings from its technical department which has several CAD-CAM stations in 2D and 3D.

In the other hand Quality department, Purchase Department, Comercial and Finance Departments focuss all their efforts in improving the global service.

About us

More than 50 years of experience and support our sustained growth are testimony to our professional track record in the field of metal machining and precicion turning. We operate in the most demanding and leading sectors. Our technical and human capacities enable us to satisfy our clients most discerning demands.


From our beginnings as a specialized precision turning, gear grinding and machining company, we have transformed into a technological partner in the development and manufacturing of mechanical components for leading manufacturers in widely varying fields of activity, at both domestic and international level.

Spirit of Improvement

Determination: this is the key to our development. From a perspective of Continuous Improvement and bearing in mind what our clients expect from us, we have historically renewed, readapted and focussed all our efforts, using service and competitiveness criteria.


Our commitment, based on a customer-centric approach and dedication to customer service, would not be possible without an acute awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility: we build a team and we train dedicated people, integrate our collaborators, suppliers and key opinion leaders.


The commitment towards the upskilling of our ever evolving human capital has enabled us to expand our geographical horizons from a domestic level to the leading international markets.